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Welcome To The KIVA School

Apart from home, the single most important place in a child’s life is school.

Their first school experience plays a vital role in their academic and social development going forward. The Kiva School came into being with the collective dream to build a space that not only provides a strong academic foundation, but also cultivates holistic growth – socially, emotionally, physically and more. We also hoped to create an environment in which the children feel so safe and comfortable that they love coming to school!

With deeply grounded roots, rich with experience and a legacy of over 30 years, AMI joined hands with the innovative and creative Veritas Learning Circle (VLC) to bring this dream into reality with a fresh new outlook to preschool education. The tree in our logo signifies both the grounding and roots needed for something to flourish and the sprouting of something beautiful, vibrant, and creative with branches reaching up to new heights.

In Finnish, Kiva means someone who is nice and kind to others which we felt was the perfect name, as it aligns with our philosophy inspired by the Finnish education system and highlights the qualities we wish to instill in our children and the experience we hope to provide for our kids.


At The Kiva School, we provide a safe and enriching environment for all who walk through our doors. Our carefully planned classrooms are filled with a variety of material for the children to explore, play and share. The rooms are specially designed to encourage the children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn about our world. Our aim is to develop a positive self-image in the children, and enhance their understanding of empathy and compassion.

We follow the innovative SNAP (stories, nature, art and play) curriculum which works hand-in-hand with our play-based, literacy-rich environment and allows children to thrive and develop according to age appropriate milestones that have been set out in accordance with EYFS learning outcomes. Having an emergent curriculum ensures that pedagogical practices always remain child-centric, allowing educators to collaborate with, and not dictate to, children on their learning processes. Children are also encouraged to unleash their creativity through outlets such as art, music, sensory activities and pretend play. Being exposed to nature is also a crucial part of daily activities. Whether it’s through outdoor play or gardening, we aim to help children develop a healthy relationship with their environment.

We believe that in early childhood settings, play is the vehicle children use to organise and understand the world around them. In allowing children free reign to engage with objects, people, and their immediate surroundings, we give the children opportunities to explore, create meaning, resolve conflicts and exercise their creative faculties. The preschool program is developed keeping age-appropriate milestones in mind over four years:
  • Playgroup (Age 1.5 – 2.5)
  • Pre-Nursery (Age 2.5 – 3.5)
  • Nursery (Age 3.5- 4.5)
  • Prep (Age 4.5 -5.5)