The Kiva School

KIVA SQUARE” is an event curated by team at Education Works Private Limited (EWPL) housing; The AMI School, Kiva School (Co-Collaboration between TAS & VLC), AMI Daycare & Learning Centre & Paar. KIVA SQUARE is driven by 2/3 of our core values for the last 4 decades; Inclusion & Social Responsibility.

Through our event we aspire to create awareness around Inclusion in classrooms. We host at least 2 differently abled children in our class rooms – therefore, we understand the importance the matter entails. Our event is one with a cause, through our ticket sales we pledge 50% of it to the causes of Down syndrome – @Karachi Down Syndrome Program & sending humanitarian aid relief fund to Palestine – @kiran foundation . Our students will enter for FREE – whereas the pass cost is PKR 1000 for those who wish to participate.

What can be expected at KIVA SQUARE!?!

We have curated KIVA SQUARE in a manner where we aspire to welcome our guests (Adults & Children) to come & immerse themselves in FREE OF COST sessions around Interactive holistic well-being sessions – ranging from Art to meditation to music therapy, to dog therapy to nature therapy (tree hugging) mindfulness and so much more along with various Food Stalls & an Organic Market Place, housing several brands.

We are offering our guests the chance to understand how mindfulness can help them achieve a state of Zen which can only reduce & eliminate over time the judgement that we perceive as humans – once we have achieved that Inclusion automatically becomes a part of the system!!!

We have locked over 80 sessions spanning across 2 days with our wellness volunteers!

Show your support towards creating a more #Inclusive , tolerant & #SociallyResponsible Pakistan together !


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