The Kiva School

Meet the Directors

Rabeea Minai

Rabeea began her professional career as a Montessori trained teacher after completing the Montessori teachers’ training diploma from Pakistan Montessori Association. After working as a preschool teacher for two years, Rabeea embarked on her entrepreneurial career by establishing the Beginner’s Montessori in 1983. She is presently one of the partners/owners of Education Works Pvt Ltd and heads the junior section of The AMI School. Following her passion for children and their education, Rabeea has been managing The AMI School with her partners for more than 3 decades.

Rabeea has worked on numerous projects with The Book Group and has served on the Board of Governors of the Teachers Resource Centre for several years. She helped establish a pre-school in the Women section of the central prison, Karachi nearly 20 years ago and now works as a member the Advisory Committee of the Legal Aid Office for the prison schools in Sindh.

A true believer in an inclusive society, Rabeea attended a 6-month M.Ed. module on Inclusive education at AKU- IED and was one of the team leaders in a 3-year action research project” Developing the role of occupational therapy in Inclusive education in Pakistan” with Brunel University, UK, DOW University of Heath sciences, Pakistan and The AMI School.

Another milestone in her career was the launch of the Seniors’ Involvement Program, a weekend meetup for people fifty years and above to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for seniors.

Following her belief in empowering communities to improve the quality of life for the masses, Rabeea has recently become one of the partners of TravelinPk, a company established to promote eco-friendly, sustainable tourism in Pakistan.